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Brand Purpose: the benefits of getting it right

July 4, 2018

At FIREFISH, we work as Human Strategy Partners, making sense of real life to help businesses innovate, communicate and grow. As such, we have been hearing for years about how people want more from the brands that they buy, that the power has shifted from the brand to the consumer, that brands and businesses not doing something more for the world isn’t going to fly with people anymore. Well, in a bid to offer people, brands and businesses some clarity on these issues, our Group CEO, Jem Fawcus, has been extolling the benefits of a brand being human-centric through deep understanding of real lives and culture around the world. It should also be said upfront that a brand’s purpose doesn’t have to be lofty or unattainable, it simply needs to fit with the world as we (and the consumer) knows it, their own lives and the history and values of the brand.

“The best social purpose initiatives and campaigns start by combing insight from three main areas: deep, immutable human truths, cultural insight & insight around the core values and history of the brand”

You can read about his thoughts on whether  Purpose is the New Cool Again (or not?) and why Brands Must Embrace Their Human Side to succeed, both over at Campaign Magazine.  You can also read his piece about why the Benefit of Brand Purpose is Bigger than Sales over on WARC, if that wasn’t enough for you.

In practicality, and with our research heads on, you can also read about the unconventional approach we took to this challenge in defining and developing a global brand positioning and purpose for PayPal that resulted in no less than 5 award wins for us and the client team. 

If you want help with your brand purpose and making sure that real people in the real world can get behind it, then please do just get in touch. We would love to help.

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