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Data Shakes: Getting more from gold from your mine

August 11, 2023

How Data Shakes can help solve more of your challenges now, by using what you already have  

It feels like we are preaching to the choir when we say that there is more data than ever before, but also a reduction in time and resource to make sense of it all. You have more requests coming in all the time for your stakeholders across the business and so you need to prioritise what gets your and your team’s time. Then you get an urgent request from a CxO or a brand lead that can’t wait. Then you hear about a new social network you need to be advertising on or understanding how your brand can better amplify in your strategy. Sound familiar? 

We hear it all the time from clients: an over-saturation of existing data, coming in from a range of sources with no time to deal with it. A host of strategic priorities and new research requests. All with time of the essence and all super-important to the people needing the answers. 

In an ideal world, all of these sources of potential insight – historical research debriefs; always-on sources like social listening; behavioural data from CRMs and other databases; commercial sales & spend data and; cultural trends reports – would be tied together and smartly feeding back Insight Gold to all who need it. 

But then comes the challenges of democratising data in a large organisation – potential misuse or it being retro-fitted to confirm some hypothesis or personal agenda someone may have that could be wrong for the business or brand overall. So, wouldn’t it be great if there was an alternative solution to not just continue to COLLECT new information but to take what you have and CONNECT it to the challenges you are trying to solve before commissioning new studies? 

Well, your proverbial prayers have been answered. Let’s talk about DATA SHAKES.
It is our structured process to get more value out of what you have, blended with smart, strategic thinking that delivers you answers to your new questions, only leaning on the need for further research when it is called for.  

How, you ask? First, we work with you to understand the challenges at hand. Then we crystallise your opportunities and the role that different insights can play in guiding them. Based on this, we then identify and synthesise all the relevant data available across your Research & Data Stack, to make new connections in service to solving those challenges. This then comes together in a living document that organizes what you know, what you don’t, and where the real opportunities are. 

For example, this could be in service to SHARPENING an upcoming strategic insight need around identifying foundational insights, themes and/or language. It could be about OPTIMISING a new brief by identifying what you do know but what you also really need to know to win. Or it could be about INFORMING marketing or communications activity by connecting data sources together for a more complete, or focused targeting model.  

We are trusted partners to many of our clients in this way do, in real terms, here are some ways in which it might work for you too: 

BRAND: Based on what we’ve seen in the past, what perceptions can we anticipate when bringing a legacy brand into a new strategic space, or to a new audience? 

PRODUCT: Looking at our strengths today, how can our core product portfolio evolve to play in tomorrow’s mixed, premium brand repertoires? 

COMMUNICATIONS: We have been trying to find the best way to express our brand purpose in our comms but haven’t been able to land it so that it works across channels. How do we get there? 

INNOVATION: If you look at where we’ve had successes, how might our existing brand reputation impact the appeal of new innovations? 

CHANNEL: Considering shoppers’ evolving habits, what pain points might we address through digital merchandising? 

We know you want to best meet the needs of your business and your stakeholders by making sure you are identifying and owning a unique, competitive edge, delighting customers and inspiring brand & sales growth. If you don’t believe us, then here’s a client saying pretty much just that:

image of a firefish client quote saying "You are delivering an enormous amount of value. In the space of one hour, I have learnt so much more about our company than in years of brand tracking"

In case you didn’t know, our team in London and New York have 15+ years of experience in all aspects of data and quantitative rigour, working with clients on both quick wins and big strategic changes. They know your Data Stack and understand the many opportunities that can unlock your strategic value. So why not speak to us about how they can help, becoming a smart, strategic and effective extension of your team?  

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