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Firefish awarded ISO27001:2013 certification

April 29, 2019

Firefish and the numbers lab, Firefish Group’s quantitative consultancy, are pleased to announce that we have been awarded ISO27001:2013 certification for our Information Security Management System, covering our UK offices at Tower Bridge Road, London.

In case you aren’t au fait with these sorts of things, ISO 27001:2013 is the international standard for managing risks to the security of information a business uses. It provides a set of standardised requirements for establishing an Information Security Management System (ISMS), and certification is based on meeting these requirements and demonstrating how the business implements, operates, monitors, maintains and continually improves their ISMS.

Our Group CEO, Jem Fawcus says, “In a time when more and more data is being created, stored and shared, and people are ever-more aware of the importance of protecting the data that they hold on people, we are proud to be recognised for our commitment to data privacy and security. Our ISMS was recommended for certification at first attempt and without discrepancies – testament to the great work that all the team at Firefish and the numbers lab do in ensuring that we protect not only our clients’ data but that of the people who take part in research for us too”.

Did you know we also have a dedicated Information & Policy Director here? Well we do, in Jude Legg. She adds,

“We have always been serious about protecting all data and information in our 19 years in business, and this certification shows our continuing commitment to that. I feel privileged to work for a business that is filled with people that recognise this and hope that our clients, past present and future, feel further assured by this as a result”.

If your business requires this to partner with an agency, then we are here and waiting, so just drop us a line.

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