people toasting drinks with balloons in the background, representing firefish group's shortlist in Market Research Society Awards 2019 best global agency category

Firefish Group shortlisted for Best Global Agency

October 11, 2019

On top of our shortlist for Best Agency in the inaugural Quirk’s Awards in the US, we are absolutely delighted to be shortlisted for Best Global Agency in this year’s MRS Awards.  The Firefish Group is made up of Firefish, qualitative and cultural insights specialists; The Pineapple Lounge youth and family specialists; and The Numbers Lab working together or individually to deliver cutting edge insight and strategic consultancy that drives growth.

We are especially happy to be nominated (again…this is about the 15th time) in this, our 20th year.  It feels like recognition that we are still at the forefront of the industry in a vastly different world from that in which we started out.  And we are bloody thrilled to have that recognised, as a huge amount of work goes into the constant evolution of our offer!

The tech-enabled, data-driven, hybrid methodologies of our current work is light years from the ‘groups or interviews’ when we started out, but there is one key constant.  All the new tools and techniques need super smart human strategists to bring out the insight from the data, and luckily we have a collection of super smart, enquiring and curious category and technical experts – who combine all of this research and data with their years of  experience, and bring it to life with human emotion and empathy, to help businesses make better decisions and design winning strategies by closing the gap between business and people around the world.

You can see some of our thought leadership here, including the TPL Podcast, our Unconventional Linking series, and our APG Thinking Around Corners events.

We shall report back after Monday 2nd December and let you know how we get on. Wish us luck and in the meantime, if you have a brief that you want the Firefish Group to take a look at, then just get in touch.

We would love to hear from you.

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