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A framework for Brand Purpose campaigns

March 6, 2020

If you regularly read about what Firefish is up to, you will see that we have done a broad range of work on Brand Purpose for some of the world’s biggest businesses, as well as written a bunch of articles about it in the wider marketing press (see: Purpose is the New Cool Again, Why Brands Must Embrace Their Human Side and, Why the Benefit of Brand Purpose is Bigger than Sales)

It’s something we feel passionately about because we know that brands have the power to really “move the needle” in this world.

That’s why when our client and all-round partners in awesome projects, Twitter, came to us to help them make sense of brand purpose campaigns for their clients, we couldn’t wait to get started.

The 3 questions that the Twitter sales research team kept coming back to internally were:

  • Whether purpose worked and why
  • How it could work better; and
  • What role would Twitter play in it all?

We looked at this challenge from a range of angles using qualitative, quantitative and expert interviews including with brand owners, to deliver breakthrough insight. What we also delivered was a framework for assessing Purpose campaigns, including a hierarchy of importance, making sure that, when Twitter spoke to their clients, the most important elements could be discussed first and foremost to ensure the focus would be on the areas that drive the most impact.

Using a key drivers analysis, we quantified the importance of 14 separate criteria within brand purpose campaigns for increasing brand positivity. As you will see in the article written by Rob Turnbull, research analyst at Twitter, over on Research-Live, it became clear that the strongest contribution to campaign success came from grabbing people’s attention, inspiring them to get involved and sparking conversation…and you will also see that there was still concern from brands about opening themselves up to this level of critique and criticism, underpinned by the reality that we all as marketers know: you can’t appeal to everyone all the time.

However, what Rob and his team at Twitter can now do is address the concerns of their clients, while also giving them more confidence that their decisions are based on robust evidence.

That’s what we do at Firefish – we take an unconventional approach to your challenge, looking at it in ways that you may not have thought about before, delivering a clear way forward that has a tangible impact on your business and how you think and act, all rooted in real life and robust evidence.

Sound good? Then get in touch. We would love to do the same for you.

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