What does a Good Life look like in 2030?

November 11, 2021

Over the summer months of 2021, the Insight Climate Collective* worked on an exciting piece of research with Purpose Disruptors to feed into their project, ‘Good Life 2030’ – designed to help identify what a compelling future could look like, and with the aim to inspire the creative industry to tell these stories of a ‘good life’ in the future.

We are facing a climate emergency, and for many, it is a struggle to see a positive future. Yet, even when we hear of a future full of sustainable, greener solutions, it can feel all too abstract…and even worse, can suggest compromise and sacrifice. It’s no surprise that there’s such inertia amongst the chaos of the crisis.

Inspired by this insight, Purpose Disruptors have since embarked on a journey to disrupt the inertia by creating compelling visions of the future for the now, in the hope to create a narrative of a positive 2030, where quality of life is substantially better.

Partnering with them on this initiative, our research looked to the mainstream UK public to help us answer the question of what a ‘good life’ would look like for them.

Through daily journaling, moodboarding and video diaries, we ran a deep-dive exploration into the values that people hold close to their heartsthe philosophies they strive to live by, the things that make them happy, and what they’ve learned about themselves, others and the world, throughout the pandemic. In taking people on a journey of deep, self-reflection, we were able to surface some powerful insights that have helped to inform how the future, and specifically a ‘good life’ in 2030, could be projected.

Following on from this, Purpose Disruptors have crafted some creative outputs bringing to life visions of 2030, which will be included in a documentary which has been selected to be screened at the IMAX at COP26 on Friday 12th November.  We’re thoroughly looking forward to joining the team in Glasgow and celebrating all of our efforts together – and in person! Naturally, we will be travelling there as sustainably as possible, in line with our own ISO14001 Environmental Management System policies (a certification we have held for over 10 years now)

If you want to find out more, go check out Purpose Disruptor’s Good Life 2030 website here

If you haven’t been able to bag yourself a ticket to the IMAX screening of Good Life 2030, you’ll still be able to stream it here on YouTube

Finally, if you are focusing on a sustainability challenge for your brand and want to talk to us about the ways in which we can help – be that end-to-end purpose development or optimising a campaign, product or service – then please just drop us a line.

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