two people embracing in hygiene masks, representing the need for human connection during covid pandemic

Human Needs in the “New Normal”

May 5, 2020

We have been having many conversations with clients in recent weeks, particularly in relation to how to navigate brand communications in light of all the uncertainty, in addition to whether or not research is able to still go ahead (it is!)

With all of this in mind, the team at Firefish USA have created Human Needs in the “New Normal”. 

With the lives we knew pre-pandemic feeling so distant, with a very real threat today and with the future too unclear to provide comfort, our fundamental needs are being reshaped dramatically.

As a result, it saw us explore 6 core human needs to understand how they’ve been impacted, in particular, looking at how our needs from brands are shifting.

The work was done across the US through online groups, social listening, a 300-person OnePulse survey, tapping in to our dedicated emerging generations and family consultancy, The Pineapple Lounge’s Hack Squad, and a data review. The report closes with some ways in which brands can help meet people’s evolving needs and so we hope you find it a valuable resource.

cover art for human needs in the new normal report

If you have any questions, or want to ask how we can help your brand navigate the current situation, keeping your brand equity in tact and even building on it through great expression of purpose and commitment to the people you employ and serve, then please just get in touch.

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