man on skateboard flying through the air with many onlookers taking his picture. this image embodies the firefish positioning of humans, culture and data

Meet our new positioning

March 13, 2024

As an award-winning, independent, strategic insight consultancy that has had the philosophy that there is often another way to look at all things to better solve problems since we founded in 2000, we decided to turn that lens on ourselves again late in 2023. Given the advancement of change in the world, and the industry itself as a result of it, we looked hard at what we do and the impact it delivers for our clients.

And here we are. 6 months later, truly living our clients’ lives as we launch something that we have sweated and toiled over to make perfect, that we hope truly connects with our people…that’s you, our clients and the brands & businesses you seek to grow.

“Competitive Edge powered by Humans, Culture and Data” underlines the value to our clients for us to enable them to make fast, confident decisions all powered, by insight generated from our unique range of expertise across Humans, Culture and Data.

When we first found the image you see on our homepage and above, it sparked something:  it’s a high-performing human, living a part of culture, with lots of data points being generated around it that would need to be made sense of to be truly understood and the journey began. We looked into our past, our present and our future. We looked at what the world is doing and the ways it is changing and the pace at which it is doing it. And we looked at the ways in which brands and businesses are evolving in response to it, as well as seeking to lead in it.

Having been born as a qualitative specialist back in 2000, deep human understanding is at the core of the Firefish offering but then, with the formalisation of our Cultural Strategy offering in July 2023 when Susie Hogarth joined us as Head of Cultural Strategy, and then the recent relaunch of our quantitative division, Firefish Data, we really feel that our new positioning clarifies and better reflects not only how the Firefish Group works to provide insight and strategy to clients, but also how the world of brands and businesses seek to succeed today.

Jem Fawcus, Firefish Group CEO, says:

“Those who have been Firefish clients since the day we launched back in 2000 might recognise elements of the refreshed logo – but they may not recognise the business we are today – and that is what this repositioning is all about. In a tech-and-AI-powered, volatile and unpredictable world, businesses need confidence to make decisions fast. Competitive Edge comes from knowing your audience better than your competitors, having a fuller picture of their world and being empowered to make smarter decisions, faster. Our unique combination of expertise across Humans, Culture and Data, distilled at speed by our super smart strategists supported by advanced tech, is best-in-class insight, fit for today’s world”.

This new positioning also comes with our new website (you’re already here) and new email addresses for us all too. One thing that hasn’t changed though are our Centres of Excellence in all aspects of audience, culture, brand, communications and innovation strategy. We have always had a focus on finding the best way to answer our clients’ questions and, thanks to recent advancements in technology, have been blending powerful and agile tools with our instinctive understanding of human behaviour; a deeply immersive view of culture and ways to become part of it; and elegantly clear quantitative and data analytics to get to the people behind the data, delivering clear and practical solutions that drive business forward. You only have to look at our recent award wins like the ESOMAR Research Effectiveness Award Gold Trophy 2023 to see how it is delivering results for our clients around the world.

As you explore the site, we really hope you enjoy reading all about what we do and how it can help you and your brand find your Competitive Edge.

If you want to talk, then please do just send us an email, either to the team in our London or New York offices…and that includes the teams in The Pineapple Lounge, our emerging generations and family insight and strategy specialists, and Firefish Healthcare.

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