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Unconventional Linking: The Millennial Parent

July 11, 2018

July is Family Reunion Month (as well as National Dog House Fixing month, but we’ll save that for another edition!)

‘Family’ is typically a major part of all human life, but there’s no longer such thing as a typical family…. With a new generation of Millennials starting families of their own, and parenting in new ways, are brands keeping up with the ‘new family’?

Woman holding baby up to her face while walking past a panel painted wall

Motherhood can be a topic fraught with expectations and stereotypes, but millennial mums are still complex and multi-faceted people, and the brands that get it right reflect this…

woman holding a baby close to her, looking pensive

There are plenty of less happy aspects of family that don’t typically get mentioned by brands. IKEA made one in particular – divorce the center theme of an ad campaign, finding resonance with audiences worldwide by not shirking the difficult conversations.

man holding two children while another runs ahead

Kraft sends the heartwarming and supportive message that parents don’t have to be perfect to be great, hitting a chord with Millennials who feel under greater pressure than ever to portray perfection.

shirtless man with baby carrier strapped to his chest

But certainly, marketing to millennial parents is increasingly complex. As society changes at pace, and every type of behavior – from working patterns, to educational beliefs, through to nutritional values – evolve within that, it is more important for brands to stay on top of the changing notion of parenthood.

Emma Worrollo, MD of The Pineapple Lounge - still from video

Firefish’s sister agency, The Pineapple Lounge have been diving into the life of millennial parents to understand how they see parenthood and approach family. Here is a short film that touches on what was uncovered…but do get in touch to find out more!

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