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Purpose at Pace

May 5, 2020

In response to extraordinary times, brands may need to think differently and act quickly. This is absolutely true under COVID-19 and, now more than ever, consumers are reacting strongly to companies that are getting it wrong.

As a result, we used Qual 3.0 to explore these reactions in detail, as well as offering some ways in which we can help at pace.

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Purpose can be a beautiful thing, a rallying point for internal culture and a way of showing that brands share the worldview of their consumers.

But it can easily backfire. As people get used to the idea that brands can, and should, stand for something (and often, against something) – they punish brands ruthlessly when this new purpose appears as lip service or opportunism.

People need to see brands deliver on their promises, not just prioritise their profits – ‘walking the walk’ means demonstrating credibility, commitment and continuity.

In this report, Purpose at Pace, we look at the critical questions brands have been asking us and the ones we feel should be considered. Take a look and, if you have any questions or want to ask how we might be able to help your brand live and communicate its purpose, at pace, then just get in touch.

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