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Richard Owen joins as Firefish Group’s Head of Innovation

February 6, 2023

Firefish is delighted to welcome Richard Owen to the Board of Directors as its Head of Innovation across the Firefish Group.

An industry-renowned innovator and methodology pioneer, Richard enjoys pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, applying new technology in smart and pragmatic ways, to help drive sharper insight that helps clients make smarter decisions, at speed.

Having started the Hall & Partners’ Chicago office from scratch in 2001, turning it into a $10m outpost before the company’s sale to Omnicom, he founded his own mobile research platform, CrowdLab, in 2011. From 2015 to 2020, Richard worked as Chief Transformation Officer at Hall & Partners, responsible for their internal and external digital transformation, whilst selling CrowdLab to Dynata in 2020. After this, he went on to launch his own research tech consultancy, Frictionless Insight, advising agencies and platforms alike on tech strategy, go-to-market narratives, M&A activity and more.

When asked why he chose Firefish, Richard says:

“As a forward-thinking, problem-solving strategic consultancy, Firefish helped incubate CrowdLab back in 2011 and I have always loved the culture, the people and their desire to try new things. That generosity of spirit and openness they showed me back then – as well as their desire for change for the betterment of clients – has always been attractive to me and why I kept coming back to them. I really can’t wait to get started on helping everyone across the Group gain confidence in a raft of new methods & technologies and driving their culture of modernity, agility and inspiration further forward, in equal measure”.

Firefish Group CEO, Jem, adds:

“Firefish was founded on the basis that there are better and more interesting ways to explore life and understand people, and, as the world gets more complicated, culture moves faster and data sources grow, so have our clients’ need to make sense of it – all in service to their business and brand goals. First working with Richard back in 2011, we knew that he shared that vision and so we are delighted to have him in the fold full time, bringing his years of global tech transformation experience and passion for making things better, clearer and easier for all”.

If you would like to congratulate Richard on his new role or want to hear how Firefish can help you solve your business or brand challenge by looking at things in new ways through the lenses of humans, data and culture, then please do just get in touch. We would love to hear from you.

picture of richard owen, firefish's head of innovation

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