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Unconventional Linking: Women’s Month

June 11, 2018

Here at FIREFISH, we’re driven by unconventional thinking and a belief that, to get fresh and transformational insight, you need to take a different approach.

This is the first of our series of monthly Unconventional Linkings: a series about cultural trends, unconventional people, and brands having unique impact on the world.

With the end of women’s month upon us, we wanted to commemorate this by shining a spotlight on women that are elevating the human experience in their own unique ways.

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If the worst stories of Anthony Bourdain and bands like Mötley Crüe are to be believed, the food and music worlds can be tough for women to carve their own spaces into. Apparently, no one told that to Cheetie Kumar, who received a James Beard nomination in 2017 for her Raleigh, NC restaurant, Garland. All this while also running two bars (Neptune’s Parlour and Kings), and playing guitar in her band Birds of Avalon. A great example of how staying busy and taking risks can help you build what you want to see where you want it. Image © Anna Routh


Originally from Austria, Ida Kreutzer is an up-and-coming photographer and designer. With her strong interest in portraiture, Kreutzer’s focus on personally connecting with her subjects during sessions results in extremely intimate works that feel resonant and holistic, rather than distant and cold. As a result, Kreutzer hopes to help rework how people associate with one another – and since portraits and photographs are so central to media and advertisement, this goal might provide a different framework for brands that’s less objectifying and more respectful of their subjects. You can see her Instagram here.
Image © Made By Ida


Kristin Hayter is an experimental, multi-media artist who explores women’s everyday experiences and responses while navigating male-dominated spaces. By re-contextualizing male-dominated and misogynistic lyrics and materials into her literary, art installation, and musical pieces, Hayter reframes them as cathartic and heart-breaking personal narratives. These new perspectives not only allow space for her and other survivors to express themselves, but also become an example of how women can elevate themselves in spaces that often try to exclude them.
Image © Kristin Hayter aka Lingua Ignota


Despite thinking of itself as counter-cultural and inclusive, skateboarding, as an industry and subculture has not always had the best track record with women. Recently, that has started to change. Women like Lacey Baker are changing the picture and levelling the playing field, and forcing companies to take them seriously. Baker, an openly queer professional who helped create an all-female brand, Meow Skateboards, is starting to receive substantial attention from mainstream and social media outlets, both inside and outside of skateboarding.
Image © Ricky Serrano, Kelvin Hoefler, Lisa Whitaker & Jake Running for Meow Skateboards

In today’s business climate, the values of respect, dignity, autonomy and equality are paramount. Our very own US MD, Beth Broughton was nominated to the Women In Research’s 2017 Top Ten MRX Diversity Champion List. She champions inclusivity in our US office, and actively seeks out diversity of identity, expression and thought. When our jobs are about understanding the ever-changing human experience, those values have helped us all excel in our jobs.

That’s it for this month. Remember, you can sign up to future Unconventional Linking emails here to make sure you get the latest thinking direct to your inbox.

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