a neon sign that says "win" representing firefish's gold trophy and overall grand ogilvy win at the advertising research foundation awards 2022

Winners: ARF Grand Ogilvy 2022

October 18, 2022

As we headed into Manhattan, and back to the Edison Ballroom for the Advertising Research Foundation Ogilvy Awards, the feeling in the air was one of excitement. Not only driven by the fact we could be with our peers, colleagues and clients in person, but also that it is a place where we have won multiple category awards in the past for amazing work with some of our amazing clients.

When the opening drinks reception ended and the awards presentation began, our table began to quietly comment on how great some of the other campaigns we were seeing were (particular shout-out to What’s Grandma Hiding? by Metacore Games that got the whole room chuckling) across a range of topics and categories, as we awaited the Food & Beverage category.

Our work with JM Smucker and the Jif peanut butter team on The Lil Jif Project was such a great one to be a part of and one that truly showcases the power of strategic insight when it comes to the communications development process. Early-stage insight work helps avoid missteps (and misspend) from the outset to make sure that there is validity in the campaign idea, not just from a creative POV but also for the brand as a whole when it comes to people making the connection and also for the brand having the permissibility to do so in the first place. Once that validation is there, then it is about making sure this is done authentically, particularly when the brand seeks to engage a new, younger audience while ensuring it doesn’t alienate its loyal fanbase.

Jif’s creative agency, PSONE, brought a seed of an idea rooted in a timely, cultural debate between old vs new hip hop fans that would extend the That Jifin’ Good positioning and so came to Firefish USA to validate and inform the new creative that became The Lil Jif Project. We went deep with ardent rap fans to make sure the message was respectful and authentic, while also delivering key guidelines and guardrails to steer the creative, ensuring strong appeal, relevance and brand fit for rap & non-rap fans alike – with iterative creative testing huddles done along the way.

The result of this great partnership: Jif’s highest category share in 10 years, significant lift in social voice share, and achieving its goal of attracting a younger audience…as well as us bagging the GOLD in the food & beverage category on the night…but it turns out that wasn’t all!

Rapper Ludacris holding lots of Jif products - the key image from the Lil Jif Project campaign by PSONE and JM Smucker

As the category presentations drew to a close, the room began to hush down for the jury-selected Grand Ogilvy presentation. With the jury made up of 15 top researchers, marketers, creatives and consumer insights experts from across world-renowned businesses, we could not have been happier to have been announced as the winner of this prestigious prize.

Called out for the great use of insight throughout – including helping take a traditionally risk-averse business on a journey – that would lead to new and meaningful growth through culturally relevant engagement with real people in the real world, and collaboration between client & agencies, we half-knew that it was going to be us but didn’t know the other entrants’ stories and so erupted with elation as we were announced as the winners.

No official photos have been released yet but the entire team made it up on to the stage, leaving behind just one to make a short speech about how great it was to see the work be recognised with more award wins (on top of its Effies, Pencils & Lions) for its impact and effectiveness…and how it goes to show that truly collaborative teamwork will produce powerful results.

You can see the campaign showreel below (& the full ad here) and, if you want to partner with us on your brand strategy or creative development challenge that could see us all on stage next year, then you know what to do. 


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