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Brand Strategy

The best brands become part of who we are, and are founded on strong cultural and audience connection, with a clear vision about who they are and what they stand for.

Building a powerful and sustainable brand is a balance of vision, collaboration and precision. We understand how to tailor our role to different stages of the brand journey, from foundational purpose to positioning development and performance tracking, to brand audits and developing creative platforms and briefs.

Brand AURA  guides all we do, marrying human insight, culture & data to your internal frameworks and systems. We understand and work with the political, commercial and executional realities you face, relishing this cross-disciplinary collaboration for success.



How can Firefish help?

Brand Architecture Creation

Brand Architecture Creation

Build your new brand’s positioning and architecture from the ground-up, rooted in a human need, connected to culture, speaking its own language with authenticity

Diagnosis & Development

Diagnosis & Development

When competitors are winning, or new entrants are eating share, we audit brands and find new ways forward, renewing attention, understanding & relevance

Tracking & Optimisation

Tracking & Optimisation

Brand equity tracking results must have impact outside insight, so let AURA guide your brand & marketing teams forward, clearly showing how to move the needle


  • Brand Architecture
  • Brand Audit & Forensics
  • Brand Purpose
  • Brand Renovation
  • Commercial Narratives
  • Equity Tracking
  • Extension & Innovation
  • Market Entry Planning
  • Platform Development
  • Positioning & Repositioning
  • Whitespace Identification


  • Brand AURA Benchmarking
  • Competitor Mapping & Analysis
  • Cultural Positionings
  • Cultural Futures
  • Data Analytics
  • Desk Research
  • Diary studies
  • Positioning Launches
  • Launch Events & Artefacts
  • Outliers & Experts
  • Groups & Depths
  • Projective Techniques
  • Resight & Data Shakes
  • Semiotics
  • Social Intelligence

We are always innovating. Want to talk about other ways we can help?

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Future strategy fit for the metaverse

A leader in real-time 3D content development asked us to help them better understand the evolution of their marketplace, their users – and their brand perception – to influence their future positioning and development in a new digital era.

We built foundational understanding through desk research & stakeholder interviews, validated hypotheses in quantitative, and went on to run a series of B2B interviews with real-time 3D platform users across multiple industries such as film, gaming, entertainment, architecture and construction. Finally, in collaborative workshops, we developed the new positioning for the brand, along with recommendations on how to manage their portfolio, innovation opportunities, and competitive watch-outs (and advantages) for the future.

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Delivering Brand Love through Activation

A leading, world-renowned energy drink brand wanted to understand how to drive engagement and cut through the masses of content available, to deliver their message to a global youth audience. Through a longitudinal qual-quant study over 1 year, we explored and tracked their culture marketing activities at a local and global level, which elicited key drivers for the team to use to inspire and filter future activity. 

We highlighted key nuances that would better deliver their strategy across comms channels, maximising impact on brand perceptions and intention to purchase. This was delivered in a format so teams around the globe could quickly assess events to ensure a good fit for the brand before investing.

young people looking at a phone together


Unpacking & Owning Inspiration

Pinterest wanted to untangle the sticky subject of inspiration globally and create visual and strategic guardrails to help creators maximise the potential return and impact of their content. Through a blend of experts, qualitative, quantitative, stats modelling and semiotic AI machine learning we were able to develop a tangible definition of inspiration, distil it down into sub-dimensions and, crucially, make it usable. 

Our work produced clear recommendations in terms of what images resonated with users, and the compelling messages Pinterest’s Business team could leverage when talking to brands and encouraging engagement from creators. This was featured in Pinterest Presents 2022, went on to delivered hundreds of millions of dollars in touched revenue, and won the ESOMAR Gold Research Effectiveness Award 2023. Inspirational, indeed.

person posing in front of cameras


Global brand & communications tracking

A leading, premium fashion brand asked us to assess how their marketing is affecting their brand and how they could improve and optimise it over time. To do this, we put together a tracking programme that ebbed and flowed with the market and marketing communications needs, rooted in our Brand AURA principles. 

Covering 15 global markets, we incorporated a long-term core quantitative tracking hub and in-depth deep dives to ensure their activity was captured for key markets, whilst providing vital performance diagnostics. We delivered & interpreted monthly reporting dashboards which fed into business planning, campaign evaluation, and an annual debrief which helped bring current learnings to life, highlighting strengths, weaknesses and opportunities.​

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Identifying future opportunities in entertainment

“What’s the future of entertainment?” – a big question that needed a clear, strategic answer. Blending digital diaries, in-home depths across the US, expert interviews and academic immersion exploring existing psychological & sociological theories of entertainment, we developed a framework that would be used by our client to identify opportunities across their content verticals; past, present and future. 

This comprehensive model of human needs – consisting of people’s actions, interactions, and larger entertainment repertoires – was defined from learning about how people navigate and prioritise the modern (and vast) entertainment landscape. Supported by an engaging film, we ran workshops to put it in to action across the various business units and teams, delivering instant impact across brand, communications, commissioning, licensing and more.

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Putting a beauty brand back on the map 

Neal’s Yard Remedies identified an opportunity to evolve and grow the brand by developing its current equity and offering. To help re-establish its ‘pioneering’ status, we took a multi-faceted approach, collaborating with NYR senior stakeholders to leverage internal knowledge; used social, web & search analytics to understand the wider audience; and in-store immersions, ‘shop-alongs’, staff interviews and ethnography, to hone -in around the experiential and transactional aspects of the brand.

Our creative approach enabled us to bring real people and their needs into the boardroom, delivering a clear direction in how to move the brand forward in a new context, providing fundamental insights into the category and where the brand should be aiming to position itself within the category landscape.

couple cutting into a pizza


Cooking up a strong brand platform

The frozen pizza market is crowded and our client needed to carve out its own role and purpose both within the category and the business’s wider portfolio. With a lot of untapped potential, we needed to move beyond being functional benefits alone, building a greater emotional connection with the target audience, developing a unique and relevant brand positioning to serve as a guide for future brand communications, pack design and beyond.

Immersing ourselves in the worlds of the target consumer enabled us to identify their needs and occasions where the brand could have a unique role to play. Turning insights into territories, we focused on the story to drive the brand forward, with a clear and compelling brand platform, guidelines around execution and thought starters for comms and innovation. 


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