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Firefish is a people business. We are constantly striving to do our best work, to find solutions for our clients based on insights into the decisions that people make in the world around us.

It is important to us, as we navigate a changing world, to ensure that our people have the skills and capabilities, understand the processes and the ways of working, to be able to deliver what is needed for our clients. We encourage everyone at Firefish to constantly explore new ideas and to think about


Our values

Support our People

With a focus on training & development, empowerment to explore new ideas, and leading health & wellbeing practices, make work a great place to be

Positively impact society

From helping get more people into our industry, to partnerships with local & national community groups & more, aim to bring people closer together

Protect our Planet

From our own environmental impact reduction targets, to making more sustainably-minded recommendations to clients, do what we can, where we can

Ways we deliver

Our Culture

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FirefishPlus is our internal framework that brings together our values, beliefs, and purpose across the company. Behind this framework sits the founding principle that a business should do more than just make money and should have a positive impact wherever it can. This starts with our impact on the people who work here and stretches out across the people we touch, from our clients, respondents and suppliers, to our local community and the wider planet.

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Supporting Wellbeing

Looking after our teams’ wellbeing matters to us. We have a number of initiatives that we have introduced across our Group that are aimed to support both physical and mental wellbeing. In 2020, we became the first research agency to commit to the Mindful Business Charter, with the intention of creating a healthy work environment that removes unnecessary stress, allowing everyone to thrive. The charter has provided us with a framework to not just talk about mentally healthy working practices but to create tangible actions across our business.

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Growth and Development

Across our Group, we constantly try to create an inclusive environment where people know they are supported, can grow in their roles and learn new things – no matter what their area of expertise. We are developing a culture where feedback is encouraged at all levels, and have several internal cross-Group initiatives in action, such as peer-to-peer coaching and an internal mentoring programme that everyone can take part in.

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How we Have Fun

We have always believed that Firefish (and work in general) should be a place where people can meet new people and find friendships and inspiration. We do this in as many ways as possible – from virtual meet-ups and ‘curious coffees’, to intimate and inclusive ‘Fish Suppers’, and wider social gatherings. There’s also our annual FireFlung away day that provides the best memories…but there’s always room for more.

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Social & Environmental Impact

We are in the process of applying for our BCorp certification. Achieving this standard is important to us as we strive to balance our business success with social and environmental sustainability. You can see more about this in our Impact Report but our efforts to date in include our ISO Environmental 140001:2015 certification, MRS NetZero pledge, our partnership with the EY Foundation and more.

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Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

For us, it is important to understand how our people and their talents will play a central role in shaping and guiding the inclusive insights agenda so they can guide brand teams in building equitable brands & experiences. We feel that equity & Inclusion starts from within and that is why we have been working with our EDI consultants to push our thinking, capabilities and culture. Read more about some of our steps in our journey in our Impact Report, which features details of our amazing Belonging Collective.

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