GPT Group of diverse people with different abilities, including individuals using wheelchairs, standing together against a white background


Innovating inclusive fashion

Tommy Hilfiger wanted to help people with disabilities engage with fashion through a revolutionary clothing line but didn’t know where to start. We began using lifelogging to show how people with a broad range of disabilities have had to “hack” clothing to meet their needs their whole life, highlighting both the challenge and the opportunity to the C-Suite. 

Bringing out All Humans Crew on the end-to-end innovation journey, we convened a broader internal steering committee to guide range development, eCommerce experience, and all communications. We also worked to define partner & reseller UX an accessibility requirements, to ensure the line was understood and inclusively buyable across channels.

This powerful work reframed how Tommy thought about inclusivity as a whole, transforming their broader brand strategy, while also picking up multiple design and strategy awards along the way. Read more.







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